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Wednesday, November 23rd 2005

12:43 PM

A Fun Stitching Related Quiz

I am taking this quiz from Lake Stitcher, who took it from Anna - I am not finished, but should be later today

Are you male or female? Chicks Rule! by Becky Boo

Describe yourself: Queen Bee by Becky Boo

How do some people feel about you? Fun Zone by Sam Sarah

How do you feel about yourself? Just Call Me Wicked by 4 My Boys and Mornings Wear Me Out by Twisted Threads

Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: Love Bugs by A Needle and Fred

Where would you rather be? Beach Escape by Pegasus

Describe what you want to be: Beach Babe by Imaginating

Describe how you live: Dare to Be Different by Jodi Evans


Describe how you love:  Always and Forever by SamSarah

Share a few words of wisdom: It's Five O'Clock Somewhere by Water's Edge 

It's More Fun to Dance than to Watch by SamSarah


1 Wise Words.

Posted by Anna:

Thanks for playing! I've never seen Queen Bee before--it's really cute.
Monday, November 28th 2005 @ 11:58 AM

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