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Wednesday, November 23rd 2005

9:28 AM

The Second Picture

I don't know if it's me or the camara, but it didn't come out that great.  Maybe I'm just too asleep to do this in the mornings?

This is where I am at on the Partridge Ornament - not much progress, but it is a holiday week and I'm going nuts preparing for tomorrow.

Nick is driving in today (Son # 2, Twin #1) from Camp Lejeune, NC. He probably won't let me stitch at all because I have an afghan I am crocheting for him which he's going to want me to finish now that it's getting cold again.  I will try to sneak some stitches in anyway.

Today is cooler than normal and the natives are wearing their coats.  I am dressed like a transplanted northener: I am wearing a dark red long sleeve mock turtleneck with a pair of blue jeans ( both from Land's End, my favorite place) and I am wearing SANDALS. You only see this in South Florida.  Talk about fashion faux pas!

Anyway, it's all of 61 degrees here in Hollywood, FL (16 Celsius for my European friends) and you can tell everyone is bundled up inside by just clicking the link on the right under "Local Weather". The beach is EMPTY!  Not even the Canadians seem to be out!


1 Wise Words.

Posted by Isabelle:

Blah... It's been below freezing point all week in Paris. Wanna swap a few degrees?

Great framing!

And Happy Thanksgiving!
Wednesday, November 23rd 2005 @ 1:17 PM

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