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Tuesday, November 15th 2005

12:52 PM

Current Stitching State

Y'all must be wondering what - if anything - I am currently working on.  I haven't posted what I've been stitching - or planning to stitch - since early October.  Back then, my goals were to finish the PS Autumn Sampler, stitch to Part 5 on Mystery VIII, finish CC's Summer Freebie, stitch Bent Creek's Snapper for Sept and put some stitches into "The One Who Knows".  Of those four goals, I only accomplished the last one - which I posted to the blog over a month ago.  Moreover, I began two new projects in October: Drawn Thread's Toccata #2 and Jeannette Douglas' Sunshine State Sampler.   The first I have barely worked on.  It's a class that my LNS did.  The first class was about a week before Wilma and the second was finally last Sunday, but I was sick and couldn't go.  The second one, the JD piece, is about 33% finished.  I know I really need to get some pics up here pronto!  Will try to do so tomorrow.

Now that we are crossing over into the second half of November and the Holiday season (Thanksgiving is next week! )  My mind turns to all those ornaments that I was supposed to stitch this year, but didn't.  While it is good to know that I am not the only stitcher to resolve to stitch one ornament a month (and doesn't), I am now wondering if I will EVER make any!  My track record thus far isn't very good at all.  I am seriously thinking of making next year "Ornament Year" - and challenge myself to stitching two a month, but I don't know how I will fit it in.

Martina's Japanese Gardens began in November (joined, but not stitching for now), her big Mystery for 2006 will begin in January, as well as her new quilt that will have a seaside theme and that I DEFINETELY want to get in on.  Presently I am also working on Mystery VIII and Paradigm Lost, as well as some other smaller pieces at various degrees of completion.  Moreover, our Sunday afternoon stitching group is stitching Glory Bee's "Priceless" as a challenge and it is due February 1st.  I have purchased the threads from JAR Overdyeds when I was in Kissimmee last, as well as the fabric.

So I am stuck in the classic Stitcher's Paradox. Wanting to stitch it all but not having time.

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